• Converts a 240v LED signal to Dali Dimming & Addressable



  • Converts a 240v LED signal to Dali Dimming & Addressable
  • Suitable for dimming of 230V LED-retrofit-bulbs via DALI (Device Type 4 from firmware 3.0 and higher)
  • The minimum dim level can be set via DALI (MIN LEVEL)
  • Additional operating mode as switch (DT7 compliant) available with firmware 3.5 and higher
  • The module represents a DALI-line client and therefore it has its own DALI-address.
  • Double DALI terminals – the DALI signal line is connected through.



  •  •The DALI PD is suitable for integration in protection class II devices, ensure proper working cable relief for installation
  • •The DALI PD300 is an independent control gear and suitable for remote ceiling and integration in luminaires. When used as built-in in protection class II devices proper working cable relief has to be ensured
  • •The DALI PD300 (HS-type) is suitable for dinrail mounting, protection against shock has to be provided by an appropriate enclosure
  • •Wiring as fixed installation in a dry and clean environment
  • •Installation only by qualified person when no voltage is applied, even in case of only changing the luminaire no voltage must be applied.
  • •Attend regulations regarding electrical installations of national authorities
  • •Connect terminals L and N to mains
  • •Connect terminals L‘ and N or with the light bulb symbol to the load. Ensure that the wiring length to the load does not exceed 50m
  • •Do only connect luminaires that are in the rated power range of the dimmer and which are suitable with respect to the load type. Do also consider the power factor of the luminaires (especially for lamps with rated power below 25W

ATTENTION:The intended use of DALI PD is dimming of LED-retrofit-luminaires, do not use with halogen lamps or magnetic transformers

  • the connection to the DALI-line (DA, DA) is polarity free
  • The DALI PD / DALI PD300 is supplied by the DALI-line (current consumption ~6mA)
  • The DALI-line may be installed within the same cable or as single conductors within the same tube as mains supply
  • The DALI-line must not be connected to the mains or other extra low voltage systems
  • DALI-line wiring with standard low voltage installation material
  • Wiring topology of the DALI-line: Line, Tree, Star


HINT: The DALI-signal is not classified as SELV circuit. Therefore the standards for installation in low voltage system apply.

The voltage drop on the DALI-line shall not exceed 2V.